Solid Consulting Services develop a full spectrum of services and solutions that address business opportunities and challenges common across industries. Our approach is a team-based approach with the client as a center of the team.

  • Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness
  • Communication
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Stakeholder Needs and Result Assessments
  • Strategic Management
  • Organization Development
  • Performance Management
  • Succession Planning
  • Executive Coaching
  • HR Management
  • Talent Search
  • In-house Training
  • Public Workshops
  • Credit Risk Policy
  • Credit Underwriting Management
  • Credit Underwriting Management
  • Fraud Management and Strategy
  • Collection Management and Strategy
  • Operational Risk Management
  • In-house Training Public Workshops
  • Strategy and Business Development
  • Efficiency/Process Improvement
  • Business Performance Management
  • MIS for Management Decision
  • Business Planning
  • Reporting and Analytic
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Finance and Accounting Operations
  • Finance Strategy
  • Corporate Finance
  • Business Valuation
  • Impairment Test


As a catalyst for IT innovation, our tailored IT Strategy and Architecture solution can help you overcome internal barriers, enabling you to initiate the changes necessary to reduce costs, improve operations and contribute more to value creation within your organization.

  • Technology and Infrastructure
  • Strategic Business Intelligence
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Finance and Performance Management
  • Enterprise Integration
  • Enterprise Solutions
  • Web Based Application


Solid helps forward-thinking companies use outsourcing innovatively as a strategic tool to transform their enterprises and achieve high performance at reduce costs. We provide industry-specific as well as cross-industry solutions, enabling clients to focus on core competencies and move to higher level of performance. Services we provide, such as:

  • Human Resources Solution
  • Enterprise Integration Transactional Services
  • Financial Reporting
  • Business Planning
  • Finance Solutions